whimsy notecard collection

We’re very excited to be releasing “Whimsy”, our spring collection of botanical notecard designs!

These cards were simply asking to be created … from the initial sketches to the final color and font choices, we mostly felt as though the cards wanted to be designed, and wanted to be designed just-so.

Like most of our designs, these notecards started out as pen and paper sketches. While dandelions were my specific request, it was Timothy who illustrated these while I watched over his shoulder. It was somehow enchanting to watch these graceful dandelions come to life under his pen … they’re so airy and full of life, you can almost see a soft breeze quavering through the fluff and a wish about to come true.

With the initial sketches in hand, it didn’t take us long to choose colors, fonts, and orientation. They turned out friendly and sweet, and somehow manage to be both matter-of-fact and whimsical at the same time. We hope you enjoy them!