letters in the mailbox

When was the last time you pulled a letter out of the mailbox?

A real letter, not a half-hearted printed thank you note from a business supplier, or a credit card offer, or a doctor’s visit reminder? I mean… the kind of letter whose address is scrawled in messy handwriting, and that you know has been sealed with love, and that makes your hands quiver and your heart beat a little faster with anticipation?

Maybe it’s from your best friend in high school, or your college roommate, or your grandma. Maybe it’s just a few thoughts contained in a pretty notecard, maybe it’s a plump volume of lined paper more worthy of being called an epistle than a letter. And just seeing it peeking out of the stack of mail is enough to make your heart glow warm with surprise and delight even on the grayest of days.

So… when was the last time you pulled that kind of letter out of the mailbox?

I hope it hasn’t been too long.

It seems like hand written notes are becoming less and less common in the face of so many convenient and easy forms of communication. I can’t help but feel this is a rather sad development. When you write a letter, you’re investing time, thought, sore hands, and maybe a few crumpled sheets of paper into sending your thoughts and love to a specific person. The same words may be used in an email or text message … but do they really have the same impact?

A letter in the mailbox is like a precious little gift. It’s full of love and thought and kindness, and almost impossible to forget or discard. Even if it’s not very eloquent, even if it’s almost illegible cursive and you have to strain to decipher the words, even if it’s only a few sentences… there is something indefinably wonderful about opening a letter. Someone thought of you, took the time for you. You know you’re loved, and that kind thought becomes a beautiful bright spot in your day and a smile in your heart.

Hand written letters are a beautiful and unique form of communication. They’re more tangible than an email, more permanent than a phone call, infinitely more meaningful than a text message. But this precious art form is sadly fading. It needs new words penned into it, and fresh postmarks stamped across it, and a little more paper and ink and full hearts to keep it alive and vibrant.

The weekend is coming up, and why not make a little time to write a letter?

Write to anyone… an old friend, or a new one. A close family member or your great-aunt who lives across the country. It doesn’t have to be long, just write something personal, spend a little time thinking about it, and “cast the gift of a loving thought” into someone’s heart. I know this probably sounds like I’m trying to urge you to purchase some of our notecards… and yes, I would love it if you did because I think they’re adorable, but that is entirely a secondary point! I’d rather if you used a piece of blank paper to send a letter, if it meant your letter would be sent. We design notecards because letter-writing is something we are passionate about and want to keep alive, not the other way around! So please… send someone a letter today. Take the opportunity to show that you care in a meaningful way that lasts, encourages friendship and brings sweetness and joy.

The last thing I have to say … is thank you to my wonderful grandmother, I know you’re reading this! Ever since I was a little girl, you’ve peppered my mailbox with beautiful notecards, love filled letters and envelopes sealed with kisses,  They come to my mailbox quite frequently still, and I keep every one of them tucked away in shoe boxes in the attic. Those sweet little parcels have brought much joy to my daily life… so thank you, for all the time and thought you put into them!