always notecard collection

We’re very excited to be releasing our first valentine’s day and anniversary themed notecard collection!

What began as a little heart penned into a notepad quickly evolved into this fluttering explosion of pink and gold hearts, and slightly more sedate (but just as sweet) rows of polka dot hearts.  These personable designs are such a fun way to express love, commitment, and friendship … we hope you enjoy them!

The “Love” card feels a little like the first stages of dizzy, out-of-breath, walking-into-walls love. Your heart is aflutter, and life is fresh and new and wonderful. The “Always” card is a little more like holding hands across the table after years of marriage, or catching a smile and a spark in a familiar and well loved face. It’s forever and you know it, and that’s wonderful too.

One of the best parts about designing notecards is thinking about the thought-filled letters and simple notes of love that are written on the inside… it’s definitely the sweetest and most meaningful inspiration for creating new designs!